PWLF is here to serve and provide opportunities to the bright talent of Pakistan. We are highly optimistic about to present a strong image of Pakistan to the world in sports.

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World Weightlifting Championship 2021

From 07 December 2021
to 17 December 2021


National Competition 2021.

National Weightlifting Championships 2021

November 2021 at Punjab University Grounds, Weightlifting Academy.

Training Camp 2021.

Commonwealth Weightlifting Championships 2021

October 20-24 Singapore.


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President's Message

I am delighted that you have decided to learn more about us and encourage you to come check us out anytime. We are committed to providing the highest level of professionalism in developing youth and high level athletes.

We believe boys and girls who enjoy weightlifting and want to excel in them must dedicate themselves to learning and mastering the fundamentals. At all levels, from beginner to elite, the ability to consistently execute the fundamentals at game speed is what determines a player’s individual success, and ultimately, enhances their enjoyment of the game.

One of our primary goals is to raise the level of play for youth, ages three through eighteen, in our communities. We decided that providing a fun, challenging, organized, and creative atmosphere gives youth the chance to develop individually and in a team. We feel that we provide great, competitive opportunities for all players. We also feel we provide the much-needed year-round development players need in order to lead them into long-term success. This ultimately prepares them to play for any team at any level.

Our passion for coaching weightlifting brings us so much joy. We especially love when we get to experience a player discover their ability. These are the little things that keeps us energized and committed to our youth. We feel that a player’s interest in the game turns to dedication when they develop their skills and confidence.

We know first-hand how sports have enabled us to develop good relationships. These relationships mean so much to us and we hope those who join us have the opportunity to form lasting relationships through a shared passion and love for the game.

We are blessed to have you become part of our PWLF Family.

Hafiz Imran Butt
President of Pakistan Weightlifting Federation