Pakistan weightlifting federation

About us


           To be the world’s leading Confederation and ensure Pakistan Weightlifting Federation success in the sport worldwide. Make the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation to be number one throughout the international competitions.


  • Through its activities, the PWLF complies with the fundamental principles of Olympism. It endorses the key values of sport. It maintains its autonomy.
  • It promotes weightlifting and its development as a core sport; it supports health and maintains unity for the benefit of all its stakeholders.


  • The objective of the PWLF is to govern the sport of weightlifting in the World on every platform, in accordance with the principles of democracy, good governance and transparency.
  • To organize, control and develop the sport of weightlifting in Pakistan;
  • To organize Weightlifting Championships.
  • To cooperate with the IWF and OCA in the organization of weightlifting events at the Asian Games, Olympics and other major events.
  • To ensure the safety and health of the athletes and officials; fight against doping; fight against corruption and bribery;
  • To support the development of weightlifting in Member Federations; Appoint national technical officials at Weightlifting championships; Educate athletes and officials.